Why Use A Microwave Communication Link?

Microwave communication link has evolved greatly over the years from an old-fashioned line of radio communications through the use of a few basic microwave systems to today’s state-of-the-art high speed connection between computers with a single microwave communications link. Microwave technology has evolved along the way and is now the basis of many communication systems around the world. Microwave systems are a very important component of the Internet and other high speed communication networks. Because of the ability of microwaves to travel long distances, microwaves can be used to transmit data at faster speeds than with other methods. The results have been very positive and this technology is a very important tool in today’s society.

Microwave Communications – Backbone of Offshore Operations

Microwave technology has been in use for some time now and is the foundation for all future wireless communication systems. This research was done in a comparative study of both microwave for communications with individual stations, and as a series of networks with multiple stations for a networked system. The results showed that the microwave network was much more efficient than the direct line of communication. The Microwave link provides a cost-effective means of transmitting data by providing less interference and a faster transfer rate.

This research was undertaken by the University of California at Berkeley with the help of several scientists including David Cushman and Richard E. Webster, who were involved in the creation of the Ethernet network and worked on microwave networks and other similar systems.

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